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I have been enthralled by the

process of creating many

original, limited edition,

serigraphs, also known as

silkscreen prints.  The process of

serigraphy involves making

stencils for each color, very

precise aligning of the colors

which are usually printed

separately, and close attention

to the many details which

enhance the creative image.

The stencils are made of glue or

paper and are destroyed after

printing which makes these

prints a truly limited edition.

The special inks used in the

serigraphy process are thickly

applied as they are pushed

through the stencil to the paper

below with a rubber squeegee

guided by the skilled hands of

the artist.  As a result these

silkscreen prints have rich layers

of vibrant color. I am the author

of the book, Silk-Screening.